Have you had a good look at our website?  Do you like what you see? 

We are looking for just the right staff to get IGS: Durham off to a great start. 

We need at least two primary teachers.  We believe teachers are born, not made, and will welcome a range of applicants.  One of the successful candidates will be an experienced EYFS practitioner who can act as Head of School in the absence of the Executive Principal.  Information about the curriculum is on the website.

Salary will be competitive where possible, TPS contributions will be paid where appropriate and we hope that staff will eventually be able to participate in a profit-share scheme.  We will not operate national pay scales. 

But we want staff who can look well beyond salary and are excited by the idea of working in a school where rigour and freedom go hand in hand and in which they will receive uncompromising support in pursuing excellence from the school’s management as well as from its ethos. 


If this interests you, please contact Chris Gray (Principal) on 07984 619739 for an exploratory chat and to find out more.