Tuition fees for the academic year 2017/2018 are £2,700 per year, which works out at £52 per week. 

This can be paid:

  • In full at the beginning of the year by the first day of term in September, or
  • In three equal instalments of £900 by the first day of each term, or
  • In 12 monthly payments of £225 by the first day of each month

Fees may be paid by cheque or by online payment to the school's bank account. Cash payments cannot be accepted and the school does not operate a card payment facility. Online payments must include your child's surname as a reference.

Because IGS: Durham is offering an outstanding education at a relatively very low fee, the prompt payment of fees is extremely important in enabling us to continue providing the best for every child. Therefore late or missed payments will be referred to the school's accountants who will apply the school policy in relation to these matters. Neither the staff, nor the Principal can enter into discussions regarding non-payment of fees. However the Principal should be contacted in the first instance if parents are experiencing difficulties in paying fees and he will provide relevant contact details.