The Independent Grammar School: Durham



In the event of a child becoming lost whilst in the care of the school, the procedures detailed below will be immediately put into place. These ensure that a systematic approach to finding the child is taken and consideration is given to the levels of risk.


We will ensure a search is made for the child as soon as we become aware that a child is missing. Parents and authorities will be notified at the appropriate stage (see below) and a high level of care will be maintained towards other children at the school whilst procedures are followed.

IGS: Durham is a secure site with secure boundaries and doors. Consequently, there are a limited number of situations where a child could go missing but in the event of this happening the following procedures will be followed:

·                     The class teacher, Head of School and Executive Principal will be alerted immediately.

·                     In the rare event of neither the Executive Principal nor the Head of School being present, the next most experienced teacher will take responsibility for overseeing these steps

·                     Enquiries will be made of the relevant members of staff as to when the child was last seen and where

·                     If appropriate, enquiries will be made of the remaining children as to when the child was last seen and where.

·                     The Executive Principal or Head of School will appoint a person or people to immediately carry out a thorough search of all rooms in all buildings and outside areas

·                     The remaining children will be gathered into one large group, e.g. for a story to ensure their security and well-being if necessary

·                     Doors and gates will be checked to see if there has been a breach of security enabling a child to leave the premises.

·                     The signing-in log will immediately checked to ascertain who is on the school site

·                     If the child cannot be found within fifteen minutes, the parents and the police must be informed

·                     The search will continue, widening the area until the police arrive

·                     Staff will ensure the safety of the other children with regards to supervision and security whilst a search is taking place

If a child goes missing from an outing, where parents are not present, the following procedures will be followed:

·                     As soon as it is noticed that a child is missing, staff on the outing will ask children to stand with their designated person and a headcount will be carried out to ensure that no other child has gone astray.

·                     At any venue, the staff will contact the venue’s security team who will handle the search and contact the police if the child is not found

·                     One designated staff member will search the immediate vicinity whilst the other adults will supervise the remaining children

·                     The Executive Principal or Head of School will be informed as appropriate, if s/he is not present on the outing

·                     The Executive Principal or Head of School will make his/her way to the venue if necessary to aid the search and be the point of contact for the police as well as support staff.

·                     Staff will take the remaining children back to the school.

·                     The Executive Principal or Head of School will contact the child’s parents or carer and report the child missing to the police.

When the Child is found

·                     A member of staff will care for and talk with the child

·                     When the situation has been resolved staff must review the reasons for it happening and implement measures to ensure that it does not happen again

·                     An incident form will be completed and signed by the parents and the Executive Principal and the School Board will be informed.

·                     Records of incidents will be filed securely by the Executive Principal


All staff must have a copy of this Policy at hand (e.g. on the wall close to their desk) at all times so that they are able to respond quickly and appropriately.




The Independent Grammar School: Durham

February 2017