The Independent Grammar School: Durham


Health and Safety legislation (First Aid Regulations 1981) places duties on employers in respect of the health and safety of their employees and anyone else on their premises. IGS: Durham recognizes its responsibility for the timely and competent provision of first aid facilities for all students, staff and any visitors while on site.

The School will ensure that arrangements are in place:

•           To provide adequate first aid cover in school, within the competence of the staff   trained to provide it

•           For taking the appropriate action where further treatment or advice is needed, including the circumstances where an ambulance should be called

•           For informing parents, teachers and other appropriate persons of the action taken

•           Where appropriate, for following up and monitoring progress after treatment

•           For proper and confidential recording of treatment given and action taken

•           To make the above provision available to all students, staff and visitors.

To this end the School will provide:

•           A School Medical Officer to act as consultant for first aid (and all health matters). 

•           A School Nurse to provide first aid cover on site during school hours who will also be available to students and staff for consultation; co-ordinate arrangements for students with particular conditions (e.g. allergies, asthma and epilepsy); liaise with parents as necessary regarding medical matters, including following up injuries; oversee use of accident books and reporting of accidents and incidents (including, where appropriate reporting under RIDDOR) and maintain associated records; and complete care plans detailing arrangements for students with long term medical conditions such as asthma, epilepsy or diabetes.

•           An adequate number of staff with valid first aid qualifications within school and on each school site when students are present (including ensuring that update training is provided as necessary).  Whilst the school is small (i.e. under 100 pupils), this means in effect that all teachers and support staff will be first aiders.

•           In particular training in first aid for all teachers and staff supervising PE and trips and excursions

•           Lists displayed at key locations in the School giving the names of qualified first aid staff

•           Facilities for the provision of first aid, including medical rooms, first aid boxes within school and first aid kits for activities outside school

•           Information on health and safety noticeboards regarding the names of qualified first-aiders and location of first aid equipment

•           In circumstances where a pupil needs to be taken to hospital immediately by ambulance and a parent is not available to accompany him/her, a member of the            school staff to go to the hospital to await the arrival of the parent

•           Robust arrangements so that contact details for a pupil or member of staff are available in case of an incident, whether within school or not.

Staff qualified to provide first aid will:

•           Provide immediate care until further assistance is available

•           Assess whether further assistance is required and if appropriate seek it (e.g. call an ambulance)

•           If the incident is within school and within school hours, inform the School Nurse or  main office who, if appropriate, will arrange to inform parents (in the case of a pupil) or other adult in the case of a member of staff or adult visitor

•           If the incident is outside school and/or outside school hours, inform the parents or responsible adult directly.

First aid equipment and supplies will only be used or administered by qualified first aid staff, in accordance with the instructions for their safe use. For the purposes of this policy, a member of staff is deemed to be qualified to administer first aid if he/she has a valid Practical First Aid certificate issued by a recognised body (e.g. St John Ambulance or British Red Cross). Arrangements for the provision of first aid will be considered in the risk assessment for all sports and adventure activities.