The Independent Grammar School: Durham




This policy is designed to protect staff and those children who require intimate care.


The key points of the policy are as follows:


·         Clear processes and guidance in intimate care will be highlighted to all staff, particularly during induction training. Intimate care arrangements will where possible be discussed and agreed by parents


·         New staff will be given every opportunity by their manager to discuss this policy and raise any concerns they might have


·         No student, visitor or work experience student will ever be responsible for the intimate care of any child


·         The disabled toilet will be the “hygiene room” for the purposes of this policy (or, if necessary, the nearest toilet). 


·         At least two members of staff must be present in all instances of intimate care being given.  Where possible, pairs of staff should be mixed up from time to time rather than remaining as a regular pair for these purposes


·         This policy will only be changed to meet the needs of individual pupils or of the staff as a whole and will not be adapted for any individual staff member


·         Each time a pupil receives intimate care, this must be documented and recorded and signed by both staff present


·         Staff must report, in confidence, to a senior member of staff if they have concerns about the way intimate care is being administered by another member of staff


·         This policy deals mainly with primary-age children.  IGS: Durham will not have senior age children in the near future – but, if the need arises in the future and a senior pupil needs help he or she would be strongly advised to deal with themselves.  A member of staff of the same sex would be at hand if required (keeping a sensible distance).  Where intimate care is genuinely required, the above processes should be observed.  In the case of older children, staff of the same gender as the child should be deployed to help.