The Independent Grammar School: Durham

 RISK MANAGEMENT POLICY (Including Risk Register)


·                     To seek to identify as far as is practicable all risks facing the school, its pupils, staff and visitors at all levels and in all activities

·                     To identify how such risks may be controlled and minimized by means of formal risk assessment

·                     To record the risk assessments and make them available to all who need to know about them

·                     To ensure that all staff are aware of the full range of risks identified, understand their responsibility in regard to them and of informing the management of the school if any other risks are apparent


·                     Identify potential risks and hazards

·                     Evaluate the likelihood of the risk/hazard causing harm

·                     Evaluate the nature of the harm which might be caused

·                     Identify the parties involved

·                     List control measures to mitigate the risk

·                     Consider if further action is required

·                     On the basis of formal risk assessment, decide whether the activity may take place

·                     Complete a risk assessment before commencing the activity

·                     Obtain approval from the Principal of all risk assessments

What follows is a risk assessment covering all aspects of school life currently identified as giving rise to risk.  The risk assessment will be regularly reviewed as indicated. 

As the school has not yet opened, it will be important to review the risk assessment as soon as possible following opening.  The first formal review of the risk assessment will therefore be carried out at the first meeting of the School Board, which will take place in October 2018.

In certain cases, more detailed and activity-specific risk assessments are set out within the relevant school policy, e.g. the Trips & Excursions Policy.