Dear Parents

Over the weekend, we received both good news and bad news.

The good news is that the DfE were comfortable with all the educational aspects of our application for the Independent Grammar School, Durham, at the desired price point of £52 per week. The bad news is that they raised a small number of issues concerning our use of the building. While we are confident that these issues will be fully addressed, we cannot guarantee that these would be approved in time for the hoped-for opening on 8th January. Therefore, we have to conclude that realistically we will only be able to open our low-cost private school in the North East in September 2018.

We realize this is the second time we’ve pushed back the opening and deeply apologize for that. It has however been beyond our control.

We had planned to hold the parents’ evening on Wednesday this week (18th October), assuming that there would be fully good news by then. We have decided that we will still be at the school from 7 pm on Wednesday onwards, and will be very happy to have a cup of coffee with anyone who wants to come by. Of course we will understand if people would prefer to wait until we have the registration process completed later.

Thank you so much for your interest in the school. We look forward to writing to you some time in the near future with fully good news.

Yours faithfully,


Chris Gray, James Tooley and Barrie Craven