What our parents are saying ...

It is always good to receive positive comments from parents. This is what two of our parents have told us:

Putting our children into IGS has been the best decision we have ever made. The standards of learning are very high and the school is a happy, safe and  stimulating environment in which both our children are flourishing. They are now performing academically a whole year ahead, and they absolutely love being at school. We were astonished at a recent Parents’ Evening to see how much they had learned and how full their work books were with fascinating and yet stretching material. Best of all the school is led by a principal and by teachers who are passionately committed to providing an outstanding education and who also really love children. Not only are the children progressing at light speed in Maths, reading and writing, they are also learning geography, history, science, as well as about nature. There are even after school clubs, including the Thursday Lego construction club which our son has signed up to. We cannot recommend the School highly enough!

Our son is in reception at IGS Durham. He absolutely loves going to school, every morning he can't wait to start and is always excited to tell us what he has been learning at home time.  The education he is receiving is second to none, he is learning so much and having lots of fun at the same time.  Needless to say, the teachers are amazing, and as parents we are filled with so much confidence that our son is extremely well taught and cared for.  The communication between parents and the school is excellent, we feel we know exactly how he is doing and what he is learning.  Mr Gray has created a friendly, welcoming atmosphere at IGS with an outstanding curriculum and one where the parents are always heard.  We couldn't be happier with the school and for our son to be attending.